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Introducing Rodel for Windows.

Introducing Rodel
Rodel is a fully interactive program for the Planning, Design, Evaluation and Analysis of Roundabouts.
Entry Capacity
The current version of Rodel incorporates two capacity options: Geometric and HCM (6 or 10).
Calibration is allowed by adjusting either or both the Capacity Intercept and Capacity Slope. This alters the capacity for all peaks and is considered a permanent change that applies at all times to all peaks.
Arrival Turning Flows
The Arrival Turning Flows (veh/hr) are displayed for Right Hand Drive with the right turning flows in the right column. Bypass flows are stored in a separate column. AM Peak, Off Peak and PM Peak flows are used in Rodel and can be used to produce Annual Economic Evaluation data for both Delays and Accidents.
Traffic Flows
Rodel stores and uses Peak hour turning flows (veh/hr) for the AM peak, Off Peak and PM Peak. The turning flows include Bypass flows. A peak is selected using the dropdown menu.
Flow Modifiers
The input turning flows can be modified by several flow modifiers.
Average Daily Traffic
For accident estimation the 24-hour Annual Average Traffic (AADT) turning flows are needed.
Time-sliced Profile
Consequences of Time sliced Profile

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