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Approach Geometry

The widths and radii of the approach roads.

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Approach Geometry
Approach Geometry has six parameters displayed in the main window on the first data table.
Leg name
Legs are numbered counterclockwise for right hand driving. Leg 1 can be chosen arbitrarily, but it helps avoid mistakes if a convention is adopted.
Graphical Geometry Editor
The column of buttons after Leg Names calls the graphical geometry editor.
This is the whole circle bearing taken in a counterclockwise direction for right hand side driving (RHD).
Grade Separation G
Grade Separation is not used in the HCM model.
Approach Half Width V
This is the narrowest width of the approach road prior to any widening (flaring) up to the roundabout entry.
Number of Approach Lanes nv
A maximum of 4 lanes (40 ft) is permitted.

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