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Bypass Types

There are two primary types of bypass that have different entry connections to the bypass exit road: 1) Continuous Bypasses and 2) Yield Bypasses.

1) Continous Bypasses: Free and Merge

Continuous bypasses include two types: Free Bypass Lanes and Merge Bypass Lanes.

Free Bypass Lanes are ones where the exit traffic free-flows on its own exit lane without the need to join the traffic exiting from the roundabout. They are restricted to one lane in Rodel. Free Bypass Lanes have the largest lane capacity.

Merge Bypass Lanes are similar to Free Bypass Lanes except the exit lane tapers to merge the bypass traffic with the traffic on the exit road from the roundabout. Merge Bypasses have less lane capacity than Free Bypasses.

2) Yield Bypass Lanes and Exclusive Right Turn Lane

Yield Bypass Lanes are also called Partial or Semi Bypass Lanes. They have a yield line on the entry road. They may be one or two lanes in Rodel.

Yield Bypass Lanes can be two lanes and thus they may have a greater capacity than a continuous Merge or Free Bypass.

Yield = raised island

Exclusive Right Turn = paint only

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