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Graphical Geometry Editor

A click on any of the column headers will activate the graphical geometry editor.

The button on leg 1 opens the editor on leg 1. It allows most geometric data to be input or edited as an alternative to using the data tables. The entry geometry for the previous leg and the exit geometry for the next leg are included as there is interdependency between some geometric parameters on adjacent legs. For example a two lane entry feeding a single lane section of circulating road (at the following leg) would be very inadvisable as two into one does not fit. The graphical representation shows this error more clearly than the data tables.

For HCM the graphical editor does not show geometric dimensions, but only the lane numbers used by the HCM capacity model plus some additional geometry that Rodel uses for error and warning checks.

Data is edited by clicking the current value and using the pop-up edit field. The data tables are updated accordingly.

Both geometric dimensions and lane numbers are shown. Either can be hidden by means of the tick boxes. The tabs at the bottom select by leg.

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